Bancor: 18 Months Live

News & Progress Updates December 13, 2018
Bancor: 18 Months Live


Bancor: 18 Months Live

It’s been 18 months since Bancor’s Token Generation Event on June 12, 2017. To celebrate the anniversary, the digital marketing specialists at Cyberius created an infographic showing Bancor’s progress so far.

A huge thanks to our community, advisers, team, challengers and supporters — you make us better every day. Thank you for the tireless work, creative ideas and inspiring heart along the way.

To months & years,

The Bancor Team

Created by Cyberius.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the product, progress or anything else on your mind. For an ongoing discussion with the community and team, please join our Telegram group where great moderators keep the cryptopeace.

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