Bancor Progress Update: March 2018

News & Progress Updates March 22, 2018
Bancor Progress Update


Bancor Progress Update: March 2018

Spring is springing and Bancor is shipping. A flurry of new tokens have gone live on the network, while the team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on major releases launching in the coming weeks. Here’s the latest:

Bancor Prevents Pump and Dumps

Recently a pump and dump group took aim at BNT, the network token that allows Bancor to provide continuous and instant conversion between Smart Tokens™ in the Bancor Network. The pump failed to reach its target price and the reaction of BNT to the attempt demonstrates how Bancor uses smart contracts to create a price anchor that protects tokens against artificial price inflation.

Learn how Bancor prevents pump and dumps.

Network Update

Newly activated tokens

Happy 60th!

More than a dozen new tokens are now live and instantly convertible on the Bancor Network, bringing the total number of active tokens to 60! Newly active tokens include:

Ong.Social (ONG)
Aelf (ELF)
Gifto (GTO)
Power Ledger (POWR)
TokenCard (TKN)
R_Block (CVT)
Viberate (VIB)
Arbidex (ABX)
X8 Currency (X8X)
Kyber Network (KNC)
EtherSportz (ESZ)
Signal Token (SIG)
XinFin (XDCE)
Coinme (UP)

Suggest a Token for the Network:

Some of the most innovative projects in the token economy have gone live on the Bancor Network, spanning industries from music to clean energy. We would love to hear from you, our community. Use this form to suggest tokens that you‘d like to see on Bancor.

Most Converted Tokens on the Bancor Network

The following were the most converted tokens on the Bancor Network, along with each token’s monthly conversion volume.

BNT: $13,987,007
EOS: $11,541,620
STORM: $9,878,781
LDC: $4,460,904
KIN: $3,625,694

Product Update

Bancor is gearing up for two major product releases that are just around the corner: The Bancor Wallet and Fiat Integration. Both these launches are massive steps forward for Bancor, and the industry at large. Users no longer need to send their tokens to exchanges if they wish to acquire other forms of crypto-assets. Instead, they can convert their tokens directly and seamlessly without leaving the Bancor Wallet. In addition, we will soon enable fiat-to-crypto buying on the Bancor Network using most major credit cards. Stay tuned for more!

In the meantime, we’ve released a number of product updates designed to make the Bancor Network more secure and easier to use.

New Sort Functionality

You can now sort tokens on Bancor’s discover page by name, liquidity depth, 24-hour volume and more. See it in action:

Bancor’s New Convert API

Bancor’s new Convert API lets you build transactions and send them directly to the blockchain for programmable access to the Network. Check out the docs.

Limiting Gas Price

As the Bancor Network grows in value and attracts more sophisticated manipulation attempts, we remain committed to protecting the network. One such manipulation is perpetrated through front running, where attackers step in front of transactions to gain a price advantage by setting a gas price that is higher than that of the targeted transactions. We have implemented a restriction that forces all transactions to use a maximum gas price which prevents transactions from cutting in line and front-running a trade.

Bancor Now Live on Toshi and Trust Wallet

Users can now enjoy a mobile-optimized experience of Bancor inside the Trust Wallet and Toshi apps. Check out the experience inside Trust Wallet:

Community Update

Women’s Day Bounty Contest (March 8)

In partnership with Charity Stars, Bancor raised $8,250 to give away to an inspiring female leader in honor of International Women’s Day. We called on our community to help us nominate an inspiring female and over 2,000 community members voted for their favorite nominee. We recently announced the winner, Lucy Ndegwa, who has dedicated her life to helping orphans and schoolchildren in Nairobi, Kenya.

Lucy didn’t even know she was nominated by a former volunteer of hers from Canada. So when we called to tell her she had won the $8,250, she was understandably overjoyed. Watch the moment Lucy finds out she is the winner of Bancor’s International Women’s Day Bounty Contest:

Bancor Hosts Inaugural Building Blocks Event

On April 8th in Tel Aviv, Bancor will kick off its first-ever event series, Building Blocks, aimed at gathering brilliant minds to demo and deconstruct blockchain-based innovations.

Come join us for discussions, live coding and lots of liquidity, as Bancor hosts the Toronto-based team from Aion, a protocol for connecting blockchains. Both Bancor and Aion will dive into the mechanics behind cross-chain networks and share tools and techniques that anyone can use to build inter-chain bridges.

RSVP for Building Block Zero here.

Interested in co-hosting an event with Bancor? Reach out to

Other Upcoming Events

Crypto Online Summit, Online, 3/22/2018

De/Centralize, Singapore, 4/5/2018

BlockFin at LendItFintech USA 2018, San Francisco, 4/9/2018

Oslo Blockchain Day 2018, Oslo, 4/24/2018

Bancor in the News

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Thanks for reading, stay tuned for next month’s update where we’ll dive into some major product releases.

To liquidity and beyond!

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