Bancor Progress Update: LiquidEOS, New Features & DEX Dominance

News & Progress Updates May 22, 2018
Update: LiquidEOS, New Features


Bancor Progress Update: LiquidEOS, New Features & DEX Dominance

As we head into Summer, it seems the world is awakening to the power of decentralized value exchange — and Bancor is currently leading the pack. Bancor is the top DEX by transaction volume, as new features and member tokens fuel record-breaking usage of the protocol. From product to partnerships, here is the latest:

Bancor Is an EOS Block Producer Candidate!

Earlier this month, we announced LiquidEOS as an EOS Block Producer Candidate, led by Bancor and based in Israel. Bancor has gained invaluable experience scaling the largest dApp on the Ethereum blockchain. We are committed to contributing significant resources, developers and technical infrastructure to make the EOS network a huge success, and to promoting fair, low-cost and predictable value exchange on EOS.

Learn more:

Network Update

Important note about your EOS Tokens:

Ahead of the EOS main net launch, Bancor Wallet users are responsible for registering their tokens with EOS and must do so no later than May 27th. Unregistered EOS tokens in Bancor Wallets will be frozen and rendered non-transferable after this date. Please follow this step-by-step guide: How to Register EOS Tokens Held in the Bancor Wallet.

24 New Tokens Live!

24 new tokens went live on the Bancor Network in the last month.

Two dozen projects have activated tokens on the Bancor Network in the last month, bringing the total number of live tokens to 93. That’s more than 4,300 token pairs — for instance, EOS to ETH or BNB to DAI — with more coming soon! Here are the latest live tokens:

• (POE)
• BlitzPredict (XBP)
• Fintrux (FTX)
• Chainium (CHX)
• Datarius (DTRC)
• Ripio (RCN)
• Zippie (ZIPT)
• Transcodium (TNS)
• Amon (AMN)
• FundFantasy (FUNDZ)
• FortKnoxster (FKX)
• Sociall (SCL)
• Fitrova (FRV)
• Galaxy eSolutions (GES)
• ConnectJob (CJT)
• JET8 (J8T)
• POA Network (POA
• Repux (RPX)
• Rublix (RBLX)
• SteamR (DATA)
• JoyToken (JOY)
• Daneel (DAN)
• Invacio (INV
• Eligma (ELI)

Suggest a token you’d like to see on the Bancor Network.

Product Update

In recent weeks, we shipped a number of updates to the new Bancor Wallet, as well as several features that improve the login and conversion flow.

  • SMS login: You are now able to log into Bancor using SMS. This is in addition to the Telegram, WeChat, Messenger login options that are currently available.
  • Display currency: You can now choose the currency displayed (USD, ETH, or Euro) when making conversions.
  • Price slippage warning: While price slippage is always viewable in Bancor prior to completing a conversion, Bancor now highlights when the slippage on a conversion is over 7%.
  • Add fiat to conversion widget: Bancor now triggers the “Buy ETH” button when you need to top up ETH in order to complete a conversion. You can now buy ETH on Bancor with a credit or debit card (Watch How to Buy ETH on Bancor with a Credit Card).
  • Wallet updates: We’ve released a number of updates to the new Bancor Wallet, including the ability to easily download your encrypted wallet file, so you can access your wallet anywhere. Learn more about the new wallet features here.
  • Trezor support (coming soon)

Developer Update

Bancor has made some important updates to the Bancor Protocol. These changes remove code redundancy from the protocol and are also designed to ensure that transactions submitted to the Bancor Network are executed in the correct and valid order.

Learn more about the latest Bancor Developer Updates.

Community Updates

Bancor Co-Founder Eyal Herzog gives the liquidity workshop at Ethereal Summit in NYC (May 11, 2018).

Bancor at Blockchain Week in NYC

The Bancor team had a hugely successful Blockchain Week in NYC May 11–17th, attending Ethereal, Consensus & Token Summit. We met with dozens of builders, policy makers and media. At Ethereal, Bancor conducted a first-ever Liquidity Workshop to help token issuers and other industry players understand the new landscape of automated and continuous liquidity.

Bancor Co-Founder Eyal Herzog had this to share upon departing NYC:

It’s been a crazy week with 10k people from all over the world, and I wanted to share with you the beginning of this journey for me, when there were 7 people in the first Bitcoin meetup. Exciting to see this revolution unfolding.

Eyal’s 2011 email to friends about Bitcoin.

Upcoming Events

Events continue to be one of the best ways for the team to keep up with the latest, meet other great folks in the industry and spread the word about the Bancor Network. In the coming weeks we’re planning to be at:

• Oslo Freedom Forum, Oslo, Norway, 5/28/2018
• D10e, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6/9/2018
• TOA, Berlin, Germany, 6/20/2018
• TechCrunch Sessions Blockchain, Zug, Switzerland, 7/6/2018

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the product and progress. For an ongoing discussion with the community and team, please join our Telegram group where great moderators keep the cryptopeace.

To liquidity & beyond,

The Bancor Team

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